Leeds Mattress

Welcome to Leeds Mattress,

I am Neil Leeds and place my name on every sale our family owned company makes. Leeds Mattress has entered the twenty fifth year of operations.

The mattress business has changed quite a bit since we started, however buying a quality mattress at a affordable price has been our mission statement ever since.

You may know our company for the T.V. commercials that have been running in the Los Angeles area for years. My Slogan. I am “Neil With The Deal” & “I Won’t Be Beat!

Those words remain true today. Leeds Mattress will beat any mattress price while

providing exceptional customer service. Leeds Mattress has every price range and size available. We remain committed to free financing offers, along with having your mattress delivered, set up, and your tired mattress removed for free!

Leeds Mattress now serves the United States with our state of the art Bed In A Box.

We welcome our Los Angeles clients to our Torrance Gallery where we display our collections, or to order directly online with a 365 night Comfort Trial.

The Leeds Mattress Family would love to serve you in our showroom, over the phone or directly online.

We thank all of our loyal clients over the past 25 years who have purchased from us, as we continue to evolve in every facet of how mattresses are sold for the lowest prices everyday.

Sincerely Yours,

Neil G. Leeds