Leeds Return Policy

Leeds Mattress provides a 365 night sleep trial. We feel confident that after 90 days you will adjust to your new mattress if you do not purchase a ultra firm bed. We have always recommended a more comfortable bed that provides the same support as a firm bed. However purchasing a bed with comfort allows the spine to naturally align. Leeds Mattress has been proud to say our return rate for years has been almost none at all. This has been achieved by over 50 years of combined experience in retailing and manufacturing.

Many mattress consumers have been told purchasing a firm bed is good for your back.

A major misconception people have when choosing a mattress today is that they confuse the word firm with support. Unfortunately a bed that is too firm forces your body to conform to it when it should be the reverse. A firm bed therefore not only creates pressure points that inhibit circulation but also makes it virtually impossible to align your spine.

Leeds Mattress builds every type of mattress for each type of sleeper. We specialize in comfortable beds that align each clients back with proper support and comfort at every price level.

Leeds Mattress will always call you after you place your order online. We will confirm your order and ensure we are selling you the correct mattress before shipping it. We do enjoy selling our mattresses from our factory and gallery where we have the ability to work with you on a full presentation and in store trial. However we have learned to do the same from online and the telephone as well. We can go live stream from our factory and gallery if requested.

Leeds Mattress shares that it is very costly to try a bed and keep returning it for a exchange. Leeds Mattress has to dispose of the mattress and we do lose the wholesale and shipping charges.

Leeds Mattress will accept the full loss for one year as we know our loyal clients never abuse our policy of kindness.

We place our name on every mattress we build and sell and want your business today and into the future.

If you should find yourself with a bed that is not comfortable after 90 days. Please feel free to our client services department at 1-844-865-3337.

We will do everything to make you satisfied. We own and operate our factory which ensures the quality standards.

Thank You for supporting Leeds Mattress