Made In U.S.A

At Leeds Mattress, all of our products are designed using components and techniques that have gone through rigorous testing in order to ensure that our products are composed of the highest quality materials available, thus resulting in exceptional performance and long-lasting comfort.

At Leeds Mattress, we put our money right into our products to give you a higher quality, longer-lasting, more comfortable mattress at a great value – often hundreds of dollars less than many other mattress brands.

The key to creating a high-quality mattress that will remain comfortable for years is the quality of foam used in the mattress. High density foam and low density foam can feel the same initially, but low density foam breaks down quickly over time, losing its support and firmness, causing sagging and back pain. In contrast, the high density foams used in a Leeds Mattress do not break down over time and will provide the supportive comfort you deserve for years to come.

At Leeds Mattress, we process, cut and convolute all of our own foam so we can ensure the quality and comfort of every mattress we make. You can rest assured knowing your bed will be of the highest quality and feel just like a new bed, night after night, for years to come right from our Leeds Mattress Factory in Los Angeles.

Our individually wrapped coils do not
transfer motion & contour perfectly We manufacture our own individually wrapped coils right here at Leeds Mattress, so we can guarantee the quality, consistency, and comfort. Our wrapped coils don’t transfer motion, so you can sleep undisturbed even if you partner moves at night. Our individually wrapped coils also contour to your body better than any other spring system, virtually eliminating painful pressure points that cause you to toss and turn at night.

With our Leeds Mattress-made individually wrapped coils, you will toss and turn less and sleep more soundly throughout the night. And because we make them ourselves, we know they are the best and we test them multiple times a day to ensure your bed will relieve pressure better and provide you with undisturbed rest.

All of the products produced by Leeds Mattress have been designed through extensive research and in-depth testing. We use Rollator and Cornell testing to ensure that our mattresses will not break down over time.

10 Year Usage Test – Rollator TestRollator Testing simulates 10 years of usage by taking a 240 pound roller and rolling it over the mattress 100,000 times. This test takes 3 weeks of non-stop rolling to really abuse the mattress. During that time, we measure the firmness and height loss at regular intervals to measure the change over time and ensure that your mattress will never get uncomfortable body impressions or soften and cause a sagging, hammock like sensation. Through this testing we are able to prove that our mattresses will hold up far better than industry standards and will remain comfortable for years.

10 Year Abuse Test – Cornell TestCornell Testing is an abuse test that simulates 10 years of abusive usage by taking 240 pounds of pressure and pounding the mattress in one spot, 100,000 times. This is like having a 240 pound person jumping on the mattress in one place for 3 weeks straight, non-stop. This abuse test is a further step we take to ensure the quality and durability of all of our mattresses.

Leeds Mattress has a long tradition of commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, in order to ensure that the area we live in is a comfortable, healthy place for everyone. This commitment has been engrained in the company culture for 4 generations, with this commitment continuing through our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint while creating unique, high quality products that help individuals fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Many of Leeds Mattress’s new high quality designs feature environmentally friendly, organic cotton covers that are healthy and free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.
The covers used on Leeds Mattress products meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 that tests to ensure that no harmful substances have been used.
Spring Units
100% of the innerspring components used by Leeds Mattress are made from recycled steel.
Leeds Mattress manufactures its pocketed coils in-house, leading to reduced deliveries of spring units that lead to greater fuel efficiencies and reduced emissions.
Plant Based Eco-Flex Foam
Leeds Mattress uses Plant Based Eco-Flex Foam which is produced using renewable materials while using 25% less carbon emissions than the standard foam used by other manufacturers.
The foam used by Leeds Mattress is CertiPUR® certified by an independent laboratory, guaranteeing that our foams meet a strict criteria for physical performance, indoor emissions and environmental stewardship. CertiPur Certification means there are no harmful chemicals or substances in the foams we use.
Leeds Mattress uses Natural Talalay Latex that is naturally healthy and anti-microbial. It is the most durable, consistent, and breathable latex available.
The supplier of Leeds Mattress Talalay latex is Oeko-Tex® certified, which tests for harmful substances and ensures that strict human ecological requirements are fulfilled.
Fire Retardant Barriers
Leeds Mattress uses fire retardant barriers are made primarily from cotton or other cellulosic renewable fibers and use no harmful chemicals or processes
Leeds Mattress is a member of the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood program, which is the world’s first global forestry certification program that is dedicated to forest conservation by relying on market forces.
Our foundations are made from wood that is sourced from forests that are certified as sustainable by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

All of the excess material left over from the manufacturing process is recycled and re-used by a third party. This excess material includes fabric, foam, wood and steel.
Leeds Mattress uses local suppliers for its components in order to conserve fuel and transportation costs, as well as reduce carbon emissions.
Leeds Mattress invested in a highly efficient lighting system throughout the factory that automatically turns on and off.
Whenever possible Leeds Mattress reduces the amount of shipping and mailing materials that are used by consolidating orders and sending data electronically whenever possible.
Leeds Mattress Factory uses the Just-In-Time Manufacturing Method, which reduces inventory waste and allows employees to use their skills more efficiently.